Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Rainy Day

Last wednesday, One of my best buddies Cj, Ayik (her boyfriend) and I went to MOA after our PE class. But we first went to DFA for Cj's Appointment for her passport. Unfortunately, the guards didn't allow Me and Ayik to come inside with her because we don't have any appointments. It was really raining hard that time and windy at the same time. Imagine that? >.< So we just stayed at Mcdo while waiting for her. We just shared stories because we're kind of close naman. Then after that, we already went to MOA. We walked from DFA to MOA because there are no jeepneys or cabs there. We kept on laughing while we go there, i dont know why? :)) When we're already there we just kept on eating. Eat here, Eat there. PG much? lol. After the long walks, went to JCO Donuts and Coffee to grab some snacks. 

Love that oreology. (first and second donut on the right box)
Got home around 8 pm. I suddenly felt a bit irritated when i got home because there's something going on with my body that even me cannot figure it out. 

JET. <3

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Monday, July 23, 2012

Sailor-Inspired Outfit

Here's what i wore to Carmela's Debut.

Top from SM, Pink Skirt from Bazaar.

JET. <3